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We know candles have the power to completely transform your mood. Let each scent take you on a journey, relax, unwind, and be reminded of fun times.

We offer custom candles to fit with your business branding as well as any special occasions such as parties, weddings and celebrations. Feel free to contact us to discuss your needs.  Email -


The Crafty Chook was created back in 2017 as an up-cycled furniture store. This came about because I was fixing up my home at Ohope Beach and wanted to create a beachside interior with up-cycled furniture. I had a huge amount of fun searching and creating unique pieces for my home. Friends began to ask me to create pieces for them too. This gave me the motivation to open my shop. My store, The Crafty Chook, was located in Whakatane, until things all changed because of you know what, so I downsized everything and sold from home. I had a short career in Real Estate and created candles for my vendors and purchasers plus my friends and family. All my friends and followers then wanted to buy candles from me so that’s when Crafty Chook Candles began. With all the changes that many of us have faced over the last few years, we ended up moving to Papamoa because of my husband's job change.  So, from real estate to candle making, 2022 is a year of growth and making Papamoa our new hometown.  Looking for new stockists has been a great way to meet the locals and is keeping me busy.  I am still very much about using sustainable and recyclable products. Our glass jars can be reused, recycled or returned to refill. Our Fragrances are toxin and pollutant free. Our wax is 100% high quality natural soy wax. Our wicks are 100% cotton.


These candles are a hit in our household at the moment. 

Mello understaed fragrances that makes everything better. Get into them everyone!

Cath - Akl

These candles have such great fragrances that linger for a long time after blowing out.  Great service and awesome communication

Angela -Whk

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